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Connecting tenants with exceptional landlords.

 Equitenant, a top-notch tenant and landlord pairing service, offering outstanding rental assistance for condo properties in Downtown Toronto. Equitenant ensures all your needs are addressed – from locating the ideal spot that suits your way of life to pairing you with the right landlord, all while offering landlords reassurance. We exclusively collaborate with thoroughly screened clients, enabling us to efficiently represent you and guarantee your successful acquisition of a rental unit in Toronto’s most sought-after areas.

Equitenant provides an extensive array of services tailored to handle your rental application, making you more competitive and allowing you to negotiate rent and rental agreement terms. Our personalized rental solutions are adapted to your unique needs and financial circumstances, empowering you to concentrate on what truly matters: your family, professional career, and personal pursuits.


We’ll beat the s*** out of your stress

Equitenant,  Toronto condo rentals.

 Equitenant, as Toronto’s premier service, helps you find the ideal location tailored to your family’s lifestyle, enabling you to concentrate on your strengths.

In the competitive Toronto condo rental market, renters must be well-prepared. We offer our assistance in this regard.

Furthermore, our strong connections with landlords provide an advantage by positioning you at the front of the queue or allowing effective negotiations. We primarily cater to professionals and relocation services, ensuring landlords a hassle-free experience while securing our clients’ best possible rental conditions.

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take care of everything for you.


We partner with top-notch landlords and meticulously evaluate prospective tenants to achieve optimal results and minimal stress.


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Our company conducts thorough tenant evaluations and background assessments for property owners, ensuring all necessary measures are taken to find the most suitable occupant for your Toronto rental property.


We help tenants with their application process by presenting their information effectively, ensuring they have a competitive edge when applying for a rental property in Toronto.

Client Experience

We present innovative and distinct approaches for both property owners and clients.

Relocation Services

We understand that attracting and retaining top talent for your organization can be challenging.

We help simplify the process by finding the ideal residence for them and their families.

Our service ensures a smooth transition for your new employee into an exceptional environment, enabling them to flourish and contribute significantly to your company’s success.



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